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  • HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital's Amputee Program is a comprehensive medical rehabilitation program for individuals who have had a lower extremity amputation. Specific protocols have been implemented for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing to provide specialized treatment for persons with amputations. Treatment is individualized to help each patient achieve independence and enhance their quality of life. Extensive education and training will be provided to patients and caregivers during your stay. Therapeutic objectives of the Amputee Program include training in skills and techniques for persons in both the pre-prosthetic and prosthetic phases of amputee rehabilitation.

    Inpatient Amputee Program

    Treatment programs are individualized to each patient. They are developed to accomplish a number of therapeutic goals, including but not limited to:

    • Reduce swelling and shape of the residual limb for prosthetic fit
    • Teach independence in ambulation and transfers with or without the prosthesis
    • Increase independence in daily living skills including use of adaptive equipment
    • Maintain range of motion and prevent contractures
    • Educate the patient and family concerning residual limb care, skin care, home modification, and maintenance of the prosthesic
    • Improve general and specific muscle strength
    • Improve endurance and activity tolerance
    • Develop pre-vocational skills
    • Develop the patient's and family's coping skills
    • Progress gait training with the prosthesis
    • Facilitate community reentry and home discharge planning

    Prosthetic Training

    Once the prosthesis has been fabricated, the patient is enrolled in our inpatient prosthetic gait training program. This is designed to help achieve the goals of attaining independence in mobility, transfers, ambulation, and self-care with the prosthesis. Persons can be admitted from home to enroll in our program. A prosthetist will be available to make appropriate and timely adjustments/modifications to the prosthesis when required.