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  • At HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital, we have an easy, friendly admission process for all of our patients, their families, physicians, case manager, insurance/managed care companies and all other referral sources. Our hospital serves patients who are 18 years old and older.

    Potential patients coming from an acute hospital for the Inpatient program at HonorHealth should ask their case manager/social worker where they are hospitalized or their treating physician for a referral for acute rehab services. Referrals should be directed to our Inpatient Admissions Office. Once the referral is received, a clinical liaison together with our medical director will review your need for rehab services along with your insurance benefits. The clinical liaison will then contact you to discuss the possible admission to the program; since they visit each of their area hospitals on a daily basis to meet with patients and families to discuss admission and help secure the necessary medical approval.

    If admitted to the program, you will be fully oriented to the hospital’s rules and regulations and overall process by the admitting nurse along with the remainder of the rehabilitation team. Patients are encouraged to bring articles of clothing that they feel comfortable wearing at home, including footwear. Preferably elastic shorts and pull over shirts. You may also want to have a sweater or jacket as the hospital does have a tendency to feel cold. You will also be encouraged to send any valuables to your home.

    Our goal is to coordinate a smooth transition to our rehabilitation hospital as soon as the patient is medically stable and able to participate in all of our specialized programs.

    Patients can be referred for admission directly by their physician, social worker or family member. Patients and family members may call our admissions department directly at 480-800-3900. If you or your loved one are in an inpatient hospital setting, you can also request that a HonorHealth Rehab liaison visit for you for an admission evaluation.

    Your case manager can make a referral to HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital by faxing the following documentation to: 717-412-9480:

    • History and Physical
    • Physician and nursing notes
    • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Notes
    • Medications
    • Lab Reports
    • Face Sheet

    The team at HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital will review your medical records and determine admission based on the medical history and needs; the ability to participate in three (3) hours of therapy and individual rehabilitation goals. We help patients determine the best level of care for their recovery, and make recommendations based on our evaluation.

    For additional questions about our admissions process, please call 480-800-3900.