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      John "Jack" Daniels

      Attorney John “Jack” Daniels, 67, kept busy between his career in tax and corporate law, golfing and spending time with his family. His active lifestyle changed one November day when he suffered a fall at home after experiencing weakness on the right side of his body. Jack was rushed to HonorHealth Osborn Medical Center where he underwent a CT scan and MRI.  It was quickly determined that he had suffered a stroke on the left side of his brain. He was transferred to the ICU and treated with blood thinners.

      Once Jack was stabilized, it was recommended that he continue recovery at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital. His family researched options and chose HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital.

      Upon arrival, Jack required assistance to transfer from laying to sitting to standing, as well as all of his personal care. Additionally, the stroke had left him with dysarthria, which occurs when the muscles used for speech are weak or uncontrolled, leaving his speech difficult to understand.

      Jack’s initial goal was to “get up and moving” so that he could return home to his wife. A physician-led team of therapists and nurses created a plan to help him succeed.

      Speech therapists provided vocal and oral motor drills to help rebuild connections between Jack’s brain and body to help speak more clearly while his physical therapists focused on balance and improving the strength and mobility of his right leg. Jack began walking 20 feet while holding on to a handrail with the assistance of his therapists, eventually progressing to a variety of equipment to aid in his mobility so he could practice going from sitting to standing and navigating stairs. Jack was extremely motivated, his physical therapist said. “There wasn’t anything that he wasn’t willing to try.”

      Occupational therapists integrated self-care tasks into Jack’s daily routine to help him achieve greater independence. A turning point in his recovery occurred when he was able to go to the bathroom without assistance, which was a priority for Jack, who shared it was humbling to go from being entirely self-reliant to having to rely on others for simple activities like using the bathroom. This achievement gave Jack a boost and further motivated him to continue working toward his other goals.

      After four weeks of intensive rehabilitation, Jack was ready to head home to his family, who went through training on how to assist him as his recovery continues. By the time Jack was discharged, he was walking 500 feet with only the assistance of a cane, was independent in his personal care and speaking clearly.

      Jack described his time at HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital as excellent, calling it “probably one of the best things that has happened in my life.”  He further shared that the experience made him realize how important your mind is in accomplishing goals.

      Jack is looking forward to getting back to work and beginning outpatient rehabilitation with every intention of swinging those golf clubs again.