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    • Shannon Selby

      Shannon Selby

      As a real estate broker and economic developer for the City of Phoenix, Shannon Selby drives across Maricopa County in search of growth opportunities. She was on her way to look at an office suite when another car T-boned hers.

      What happened next was a blur; though she remembers a man – “her angel” – sitting with her until the ambulance arrived.

      Transported to the nearest trauma center, doctors discovered multiple fractures to her hands, pelvis, ribs and back. She required extensive surgery. Once her injuries stabilized, Shannon and her family chose HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital for additional healing and recovery time.

      Shannon arrived in a wheelchair, unable to stand, walk, bathe or get dressed on her own. Yet, she was determined to reach her goal – walking out of the hospital on her last day. 

      Her care team swung into action. A doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, together with specialists, nurses, pharmacists and therapists created a plan to get Shannon back on her two feet.

      Shannon joked that the physical therapy staff “kicked her butt” during the rigorous, three-hours-a-day rehabilitation sessions. The progress she made, she said, was worth it. Using ramps, even and uneven surfaces, balance devices and strength training, therapists retrained Shannon’s legs and feet to move in sync.

      Most of all, Shannon appreciated the little things the staff did to make her stay easier. An early riser, Shannon awoke before the dietary team served breakfast. Still, someone was always there to put a cup of hot coffee in her hand and say good morning. Almost everyone she encountered had a cheerful, positive attitude that kept her spirits up, she said.

      After 12 days, Shannon was able to climb a dozen stairs and move 200 feet with a walker. As planned, she walked out of the hospital.

      “I was successful due to the grace of God and the remarkable staff at HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital,” she said.

      Approximately seven weeks after her accident, Shannon called to give us an update. She can walk unassisted, drive, bathe and cook for herself and her family. She’s back to her busy life and said she recommends HonorHealth Rehabilitation to anyone needing medical rehabilitation care.