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    • Amanda Carlson

      Amanda Carlson

      Amanda Carlson was in a massive car accident which left the 28-year-old mother fighting for her life. She had multiple injuries, two brain bleeds, swelling and constant seizure activity. After stabilizing at a local hospital, Amanda transferred for ongoing healing and 24/7 medical care to HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital. Here, she awoke from a three-week coma. She was on a ventilator and feeding tube and couldn’t speak. “Our biggest questions were, would she be able to talk again, walk and feed herself,” said her stepfather, Dan.

      Speech therapy trained her throat muscles to swallow progressively thicker liquids. Simultaneously, physical and occupational therapy put her through mental exercises to rebuild her cognitive abilities. She weaned from the ventilator and set two goals: remove the feeding tube and recover enough to play with her 2-year-old son.

      Amanda relearned how to sit, stand, walk and balance herself. “She learned to take steps, keep balanced, then pick up her feet and walk around blocks on the floor, and simple things like learning to step sideways and backward,” said Dan.

      After two-plus months of hard work, Amanda left the hospital walking. A week later, she shed her feeding tube and is now beginning to keep up with her son. She also participates in an outpatient program continuing to build her cognitive abilities and strength. “My goal is to get back to somewhat normal; it was a brain injury, so I know I’m not going to be 100 percent,” but the trained social worker adds, “I will be OK.”