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    • JasonJordan

      Jason Jordan

      Jason Jordan suffers from dermatomyositus, an autoimmune disease that attacks his skin and muscles. 

      When Jason arrived at HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital from the MayoClinic, he was virtually paralyzed. "I could barely move my arms," he recounts. "If I was laying down, I couldn't lift my head of my pillow. I couldn't pick my legs up off the bed."

      One of Jason's first rehab goals was to be able to get from to a sitting position to standing. He worked on that goal every day for four weeks, but he achieved it.

      Today, Jason has worked toward other goals. And the staff at HonorHealth Rehab helped him achieve those goals. He can now walk on his own and has started to jog a bit. He can mow his own lawn and can do most daily functions he was able to do before the onset of his disease.

      "Being here might have been some of the worst times of my life because of what happened to me. But at the same time, coming here was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because it taught me how to overcome this disease."