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Our Patients

    • JasonJordan

      Jason Jordan

      Jason Jordan suffers from dermatomyositus, an autoimmune disease that attacks his skin and muscles.  When Jason arrived at HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital from the MayClinic, he was virtually paralyzed. "I could barely move my arms," he… View more

    • William Wallace

      William Wallace

      After suffering a stroke and a brief stay in John C. Lincoln, North Mountain, William Wallace chose to begin his rehabilitation at HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital. When he arrived, he had no feeling in his left arm or his left leg. And his… View more

    • Donna-Ronning

      Donna Ronning

      Due to an auto-immune disease, Donna Ronning spent 23 days in intensive care before being airlifted to HonorHealth Rehabilitation Hospital. "When I came here, I couldn't do anything," Donna says. "I couldn't walk. I couldn't feed myself. I couldn't… View more

    • Kira

      Caryl Segal

      "If you have to be in a place like this, it’s a fabulous environment, Caryl Segal says."The rehab individuals are absolutely excellent, both the occupational and physical therapy. I was in a rehab facility after open heart surgery, so I've got… View more

    • Mary-N

      Mary Newitt

      Mary Newitt fell and broke her hip and ended up going into renal and respiratory failure. After spending significant time recovering in a long-term acute care hospital, she was anxious to begin her rehabilitation journey at HonorHealth… View more

    • Chuck Motley

      Chuck Motley

      Chuck Motley certainly doesn't shy away from a challenge. After all, he has started several successful businesses and is currently president of the publicly traded company, El Capitan Precious Metals. But after suffering multiple fractures,… View more