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Quality Outcomes

  • All hospitals collect and analyze data to allow for continued performance improvement and program development. As required by Joint Commission and CARF, there is various data that must be collected and reported to allow for certification. We share this information with the patients, family members and referral sources to further educate the individuals about our hospital and thus allow for an appropriate choice in selecting a hospital for their rehabilitation needs.

    Metric HonorHealth RH
    Q1 2014
    HonorHealth RH
    Q2 2014
    National Q2
    FIM Change* 21.33 23.54 23.54
    Discharge to Community 83.3% 94.6% 84.4%
    Recommendation of Facility 90.15% 92.94% 94.6%
    Falls per 1,000 Patients 7.3 5 5.8**
    Pressure Ulcers Worsening Since Admission 0.0% 1.03% 0.44%


    The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scale is used in in-patient occupational therapy to measure progress of functional skills such as dressing, bathing, and eating.

    **50th percentile of NDIQI